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The Attic Window

a community for creative writers

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Hello! This is a community for writers who are up for a challenge. Cue theme music!

Every Friday ALL members can post ONE challenge for the week. It can be anything: a quote, loose instructions, or just a setting. After that, members will respond to the prompts. You are NOT limited to how many times to respond, by all means, write as much as you'd like!

A few rules, please, to keep the peace and whatnot.

1) This is a community for original writing only. Sorry to any fanfiction writers out there, but this makes our job easier!
2) Please put your posts behind a lj-cut tag.
3) Remember that you may post only one CHALLENGE a week, but you are free to post as many writings as you wish.
4) Feel free to post anything from rated G to NC17. Please place proper warnings beforehand, however.
5) Also feel free to write about whatever you'd like; the mods have very open minds and we'd like to remind our members to be tolerant. Flaming of any kind is not permitted.
6) Have fun! (yes my chickadees, it's a rule.)